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Surrey Homes

We spent a number of years in Surrey and we still look after a number of properties Today.

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Our Background In Surrey

Cobham, Weybridge, Esher, Oxshott

North Wales Decorating owns the pleasure of working away on multitudes of spectacular properties in Surrey for 15/20 years.

As well as continuing to work locally in North Wales which is where we now do most of our business.

We now only look after 11 properties in Surrey with a Private Landlord, Our Client

Redecorated Exterior porch image
Another House In The Garth Cobham

Exterior Decorating Rhyl – Palace Arcade

The lower front of the palace was decorated using an oil-based pliolite masonry paint to the lower white sections for longer-lasting results being located on the seafront.

The pillar plinths and lower plinth were decorated using a hard wearing durable floor paint for longer-lasting results

The shuttering rails and holders were decorated using Dulux metal shield paint in Anthracite grey to match the pre-finished windows.

Exterior painting Palace arcade Rhyl image

HB Leisure is one of our clients, we offer our painting and decorating services to them in all types of locations including their arcade in Chessington world of adventures, London.

We also decorate the skill games for the winter wonderland show at Hyde Park, London every year.

I happen to be a good friend of the main area manager of HB leisure Eddie Lehart, He reached out to me when he saw North Wales Decorating decorating their new offices in Rhyl for a building firm named RL Davies who I was Sub-Contracting.

Eddie Lehart – HB Leisure

Manager of Consulting New Clients/Events

Exterior Decorating to pillar post with plinth
Attention to Detail

Interior Painting – Chester

Interior decorating in Chester – Sub Contracting to my Client/Brother – Darren jones decorating services.

Interior bedroom decorating image

Bedroom Decorating

Bedroom Decorating Chester

This particular bedroom was in fair condition to start with, We redecorated it throughout and added a feature wall colour on one wall where we took the feature wall onto the ceiling by drawing a neat line with frog tape where the client wanted it.

Hallway painting and decorating Chester image

Hall Stairs Landings Decoration

We decorated this hall throughout with a nice neutral colour, after some stain-blocking caused by old leaks and a fair amount of surface filling it looked great on completion

Interior bedroom decorating in Chester image

Bedroom Decorating

Bedroom Decorating Chester

This bedroom was pretty similar to the other where we also drew a neat line to the feature wall, Only in a different colour specified by the client. Excuse the patchiness, The paint wasn’t quite dry on this particular occasion when taking photos.

Staircase decorating image

Staircase Decoration

The staircase spindles were previously painted in dark stain where we stain blocked, undercoated, and top coated to a white satin finish that looked great finished.

Exterior Decorating Caernarfon

This property was tired looking pebble dash that we sprayed with a Dulux white masonry finish.

The customer, Matt Bateman was kind enough to leave us a review on Google… Thanks Matt:)

Interior Decorating Colwyn Bay

This job was for a friend of ours Paul Williams, He is a builder we work with from time to time, This was his own property he literally built himself but we had the pleasure of spray painting the house for him

We then completed all the decorating needed to complete the house.

The house now looks great with a spray finish to add to the feel of the place… Nice place paul:)

Internal Decorating Aberdasoch

The internal decorating job next to the beach was completed for TIR Construction ltd on behalf of North Wales Decorating with pleasure, All the team at TIR are a pleasure to work with, and all the lads seem to pull it together liaising with one another to get the JOB DONE!
It’s great for everyone because we’re the painters who are last in for the finishing touches so we point areas out that need attention before we can paint! We then let the site agents know about it, and they deal with the problem areas swiftly.

Exterior Decorating Colwyn bay

This exterior decorating project was a pebble dash job previously painted in magnolia.

We prepared all the surfaces with masonry repair filler prior to painting the house white with the lower plinth in Anthracite grey

The customer Paul was kind enough to leave us a positive review on Google. Thanks Paul:)

Exterior Masonry Decorating Image
Exterior Decorating Colwyn Bay
Exterior Masonry Painting and Decorating Colwyn Bay Image
Exterior Masonry Decorating Image
Exterior Decorating Colwyn Bay

Chessington World of Adventures Arcade

This place looked so drab and dull when we arrived, we chose a colour scheme for the place and brightened it up a LOT!

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